The Clean Girl Starter Set

$68.00 $44.20

Your morning routine, simplifiedthis starter set combines four of our bestsellers for the ultimate clean girl look.

With its skin-like, satin finish that never cakes or feels heavy, Camo Cover Concealer is basically auto-edit in a tube. 

Super Slick Lip Jelly washes your lips in sheer, wet-looking color that never feels sticky. (We’ve even tried it in the car with the windows down. This stuff’s legit.)

Pressed Silk Blushing Balm feels exactly like its luxe namesake: creamy, dreamy, silky smooth and totally to-die-for, while simultaneously feeling like you’re wearing...nothing. 

Maxed Out Volumizing Mascara takes even the shortest, straightest hairs to the extreme! The spiky, dual-sided wand provides options for two different high-impact effects: full and fluttery or thick and chunky. 

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