While Clover does not sell direct to consumers just yet, our products are available online and in select stores around the US.
If there is a particular retailer where you would like to see our products, please let us know. Even better, reach out to the retailer directly: Customer demand is the quickest way to get our products onto their shelves!
For inventory control and retail transparency, Clover items must be returned or exchanged with the retailer where they were purchased, whether online or in-store.
To determine the expiration date of a particular product, please refer to the box packaging it arrived in. On it, you will see a jar symbol with a timeframe inside: typically between 3M (3 months) and 12M (24 months). This is called “Period After Opening” and begins after the product is opened.
Ingredients vary product-to-product, so we encourage you to check each individually. All of our products are always free from:
Animal by-products
Animal testing or cruelty
Mineral/petroleum oil
Artificial fragrance
Artificial flavor
Bismuth Oxychloride
While we strive to rely upon as many natural and organic ingredients as possible, there are limitations when using them exclusively in terms of pigment, preservation, and performance. At Clover, we create clean cosmetics by starting with an all-natural formula, then supplementing only as needed with safe synthetics.
Only some of our products use FD&C (or Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics) dyes, which have been tested and certified by the FDA for usage in those three delivery systems. When formulating, we always start with a base of 100% natural dyes and supplement only as needed with FD&C dyes. Unfortunately, natural dyes alone cannot achieve the bright and vibrant shades Clover is known for. Based on current research, we do not believe that utilizing FD&C dyes in miniscule amounts as a supplement to natural dyes poses a health risk.
The short answer is: color payoff, price point, shade range, and sustainability. Many clean beauty brands offer products that are sheer, expensive, and lacking in shades—and do the bare minimum to protect the environment.
When our founder, Sarah, developed CLOVE + HALLOW, Clove was meant to evoke the warmth we hope you feel from our brand. Hallow encompassed the ritualistic and revered relationship that women have with their beauty routines. Clover is a riff on CLOVE + HALLOW.
Our products are not 100% natural, though they are all primarily natural. We do not believe “natural” inherently means an ingredient is good or, conversely, synthetics are inherently bad. While we don’t love the word “clean” - I mean, c’mon, it’s not like other ingredients are dirty - the industry term relative to the Clover brand means that our focus is on creating cosmetics that are free from controversial ingredients without compromising on performance, quality, or price point. All our ingredients, whether natural or synthetic, are rigorously researched for safety within the context of a particular formulation and selected based on serving a necessary function, such as pigmentation, preservation, or performance. With our formulation strategy, we exclude 1,500+ controversial offenders that are known or suspected carcinogens, endocrine and hormone disruptors, allergens, and animal by-products. We know there are infinite brands throwing around infinite words to describe their products, so we encourage our customers to thoroughly read ingredient labels and make educated decisions for themselves; for our part, we promise to always do the leg-work to ensure our ingredient lists are safe and transparent.
All Clover products are carefully curated and manufactured in the USA but formulated to more stringent EU standards.
Our cosmetics are not only cruelty-free, but PETA-certified vegan as well. We don’t use any animal byproducts, ethically-sourced or otherwise. No honey, no beeswax, no lanolin. Nada.
Clover never uses synthetic fragrance or flavor due to the lack of regulation surrounding these ingredients, unless we can verify the specific ingredient composition and sourcing. Under current policies, “fragrance” and “flavor” are considered trade secrets that can cover up anywhere from 10 to 30 additional ingredients that do not have to be explicitly disclosed on the ingredient label. While those ingredients may be perfectly safe, we feel customers have a right to know exactly what ingredients they’re putting on their skin.
Undiluted essential oils can be irritating if applied directly to the skin. Clover occasionally utilizes essential oils in a very low concentration as an alternative to synthetic fragrance. In this capacity, they are generally safe for even sensitive skin. If you are pregnant or have any other specific healthcare concerns, please contact a medical professional.
Our products are water-resistant due to their high-quality emollient levels, however, they are not waterproof unless specifically noted. As for SPF: While many of our formulas contain minerals that offer sun protection benefits, we cannot guarantee any level of SPF unless specifically noted on the packaging, so be sure to wear sunscreen daily!
We get it: Shade-matching online can be tricky. Head over to our FIND YOUR MATCH page to answer a few quick questions and receive a personalized recommendation.
Natural or synthetic, we only use ingredients that have been studied extensively and deemed safe. In fact, our CEO created this line while pregnant. That being said, we recommend having a discussion with your doctor to double-check any health risks associated with ingredients.
Any makeup remover is suitable to remove our products.
For application tips, please check individual product pages. If you need additional help or feel you are not properly using your products, you can always reach out to one of our customer support representatives for assistance at clover@cloveandhallow.com.