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About Us

Hi there. We’re kind of obsessed with you. That’s why we made a cosmetics line to match your attitude, your values, and your sense of adventure. Clover is here to give you the best of everything - safe, sustainable, locally-made products powered by cruelty-free and vegan ingredients - at an affordable price. We promise it isn’t too good to be true.

Fan Favorites

Skin Is In Serum Foundation
Plush Pigment Stick Eyeshadow
Glow Stick Illuminator
Comfy Matte Lipstick
All Lined Up Eyeliner

How is Clover Doing Better?

As an independently-owned company, we are able to re-imagine the basics and operate under the highest safety, sustainability, and ethical standards. From the third party safety testing all of our products undergo, to the recycled materials we use for most of our packaging, to prohibiting any kind of animal testing within our supply chain, we are like nothing else out there. In a good way.

Image 23 Image 24 Image 25 Image 26


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