Balancing Oil



What has hordes of fans, hundreds of five-star reviews, and a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award? Balancing Oil, baby! Lightweight organic ingredients power this linoleic-acid based formula, perfect for decongesting, calming angry skin, and minimizing signs of aging. Packaged in a glass bottle for recyclability.
  • GENTLY BUSTS BREAKOUTS. Balancing Oil's ingredients were chosen for their unique linoleic acid profiles that are anti-inflammatory and clinically proven to minimize breakouts and redness without dryness or irritation. Affordable acne skin care is finally here!
  • SENSITIVE SKIN-FRIENDLY. Easily-irritated skin types will benefit from this fragrance-free formula that gently soothes, decongests, and nourishes.
  • THE PERFECT LAST SKINCARE STEP. Balancing Oil seals in skincare for maximum impact before drying down quickly¬†for flawless¬†makeup application.¬†
HOW TO USE IT: Press 3-5 drops into clean skin. Can be used morning and/or evening alone or under makeup. Mix a few drops into any cream or liquid foundation, like Skin Is In Serum Foundation, for a DIY skin tint.
INGREDIENTS: Squalane, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil

Note: Variation in color (light gold to dark amber) and smell (herbal, peppery, or turpentine-y) is normal due to the natural ingredients. This is a sign of the purity of our Black Cumin Seed Oil!

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