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It’s 2022. You deserve to have fun and feel like a babe, and your makeup should help you get there. Unfortunately, sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products are often next-level expensive and pretty confusing to shop for.

We’re here to change that. Clover builds upon the mission of our first award-winning, radically transparent beauty brand, CLOVE + HALLOW, to bring you crush-worthy and conscientious cosmetics with just 15 or fewer ingredients in every formula.

And here’s the best part: Every single product is under $25. Because if better beauty products are really that important, then they should be accessible to all—sold where you’re already shopping, at a price you can already afford.

Just like you, we’re breaking barriers and defying norms.

It All Started With Sarah.

I was always obsessed with makeup and skincare. So when I graduated from an engineering college and decided to become a makeup artist instead of going into law or tech, nobody was terribly surprised. After working in film, editorial, and bridal, I pivoted to one-on-one consultations. Teaching people new makeup techniques and outfitting them with a custom routine made my soul sing.

After a struggle with panic disorder and depression, I decided I was done being passive about my lifestyle, my health, and the health of the planet. While transitioning my kit to more conscientious beauty products I could feel good about recommending to my clients, I was disappointed to find some major gaps: The products lacked performance and sustainability initiatives that truly moved the needle. Most importantly, they excluded everyday consumers via intimidating price points. It didn't feel right.

That feeling is the reason I started my own brand. And I think we nailed it.

Welcome to Clover. We can’t wait for you to #ShowYourClove!

Founder + CEO

Planet First. Makeup Second.

Killer makeup is the least of our worries if we destroy the planet. We could just slap “recycle me” on some boxes and call it quits, but we recognize sustainability is a moving target that requires constant focus. As new information and improvements in materials and technology roll out, our work continues to evolve. For now, we’re happy to share that we’re in a league of our own when it comes to doing right by you and our little rock in space. How? Well…

Our makeup works as well as—or better!—than conventional brands, but our formulas are purposefully simple. Each product is made with 15 or fewer clean, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients sourced from suppliers who care as much as we do about their impact. Parabens, cyclical silicones, synthetic fragrance or flavor, talc, phthalates, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, bismuth oxychloride, formaldehyde donors, chemical SPF blockers, and aluminum salts are just a few of the ingredients we exclude from our formulas at zero detriment to performance. No fluff, no filler. Just the good stuff.

Animal testing and animal by-products, child labor, and poor working conditions are never tolerated within our supply chain. (Want to learn more about our ingredients? Check out our Ingredient Glossary.)

Our product boxes are fully recyclable and made from previously recycled materials. In order to limit plastic waste and reduce gas emissions during production, inside those boxes you’ll find tubes and compacts made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, sugarcane bioplastic, infinitely recyclable glass, and even the first-ever 100% recycled and recyclable lipstick tube. You read that right: World’s First. Visit our product pages for specific details.

Clover is Made in The USA and developed and produced by the same manufacturers as your favorite luxury goods—minus the luxury price-point. We only work with FDA-registered and Good Manufacturing Practices-certified partners.Translation: Our manufacturing partners refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to people and the planet.

Some degree of plastic usage is inevitable for every business. That’s why we’re Certified Net Plastic Neutral. For every pound of plastic we use, we remove an equivalent amount of low-value plastic—plastic that wouldn’t have been recycled otherwise—from the environment.

Got questions? We’ve probably answered it in our FAQ. You can also email us at any time.
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