These days, it feels like a new beauty brand launches every five minutes. So we challenged ourselves to do something different— to set the new standard for what a beauty brand should do and be.

Clover builds upon the success of its award-winning, radically transparent big-sister brand, CLOVE + HALLOW, by combining everything you want in a beauty product with a price point you’ll love. Now we’re climbing on our big sister’s shoulders to break barriers and defy norms.

It all started when Clover’s Founder and CEO, makeup artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart, launched CLOVE + HALLOW in 2017. Back then, options in the conscientious beauty space were very limited. (We could go off about how sheer, chalky, expensive, shade-exclusive—and *ahem* boring—these products were, but we’ll spare you.) CLOVE + HALLOW quickly gained a loyal fan base and widespread recognition, including Oprah’s O List, Good Morning America, and major industry awards from Women’s Health and Refinery29.

But it wasn’t enough for Sarah. She wanted to take her mission a step further by creating a brand that shared the core values of CLOVE + HALLOW, but with pricing and retailer partnerships that made ethical beauty products truly accessible to all. So in early 2020, she began developing Clover, CLOVE + HALLOW’s adventurous and conscientious (and affordable!) lil’ sis.

So here’s what you need to know:

Skincare-focused ingredients? Yep.

Conscientious formulas, sourcing, and shades? Check.

Sustainable packaging? Always.

Affordable prices? You know it!

So rather than stressing about ingredient lists and the sus ethics of the brands you’re supporting, you can get back to the fun stuff—because we did the leg work for you. Happy shopping! 

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