Dupes Done Better

You keep seeing the same makeup product in your social media feeds, your friends’ makeup bags, and on the shelves of your favorite retailers. You go to buy it for yourself and—ugh—it’s $50 and loaded with ingredients you don’t love, all in wasteful packaging.
Sound familiar?

We’re here to flip the script. Our team of makeup artists and former beauty editors has its finger on the pulse of all the most viral products so we can painstakingly recreate more affordable and conscientious versions for you to enjoy.

Learn more about how we develop our dupes.

It All Started With Sarah.

I was always obsessed with makeup and skincare. So when I graduated from an engineering college and decided to become a makeup artist instead of going into law or tech, nobody was terribly surprised. After working in film, editorial, and bridal, I pivoted to one-on-one consultations. Teaching people new makeup techniques and outfitting them with a custom routine made my soul sing.

After a struggle with panic disorder and depression, I decided I was done being passive about my lifestyle, my health, and the health of the planet. While transitioning my kit to more conscientious beauty products I could feel good about recommending to my clients, I was disappointed to find some major gaps: The products lacked performance and sustainability initiatives that truly moved the needle. Most importantly, they excluded everyday consumers via intimidating price points. It didn't feel right.

That feeling is the reason I started my own brand.
And I think we nailed it.

Welcome to Clover. We can’t wait for you to #ShowYourClove!

Founder + CEO
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