When it comes to the environment, less is always best. As an independently-owned company, we are able to reimagine the basics and operate under the highest ethical and sustainable standards. We stay on top of new eco-friendly options on the market and are always iterating to lessen the environmental impact of our products.

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING. At Clover, every single product is packaged in a sustainable component. We prioritize post-consumer-recycled plastics but also work with bioplastics, reusables, and recycled/recyclable paperboard. 

NET PLASTIC NEUTRAL. Clover is a 100% Plastic Neutral Certified company. For every pound of plastic we produce—including post consumer recycled—we remove an equivalent amount of low-value plastic from the environment. Don’t be fooled by the term “low value”: this plastic is the kind that isn’t already being recycled and therefore wouldn’t be removed from the environment without our efforts.

MADE IN THE USA. All our products are American-made in GMP-certified facilities, which ensures safe, sustainable manufacturing protocols are always followed. Bonus points: we’re supporting our local economy.

CRAFTED TO EU STANDARDS. Our formulas are developed in compliance with European Union ingredient standards, which are typically more stringent than those in the U.S. This maximizes supply chain transparency and ingredient safety and consistency.

FORMULA EXCELLENCE. We’ll always be straight-up with you about the nitty gritty of our products. Have a question about an ingredient? Read all about it in our Ingredient Glossary. Wondering which ingredients make the cut? Only ones that are good for your skin, the animals, and our shared global environment. We use an assortment of natural and safe synthetic ingredients from reputable suppliers, partner with top-tier local manufacturers, and all of our formulas go through independent testing to ensure each meets our rigorous standards for safety, irritation, and performance. Bottom line: you won't find fear-mongering marketing tactics here. We don't need them.