The Best Vegan + Cruelty-Free Skincare for Acne + Clear Skin

Besides being a total confidence-buster for people of all skin types, one of the most frustrating parts of dealing with acne breakouts is the struggle to find a treatment that truly works. And if you're looking for natural ingredients or vegan ingredients, it can be even harder to find acne treatments for clearer skin.

People often defer to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoids as their anti-acne treatment, but these ingredients can be ineffective or harsh on sensitive skin. The good news? There are alternatives that work even better for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin, but still protect your skin health.

Why Isn't Salicylic Acid Working?

It may work well short-term, but doesn't treat the root causes of acne
It can be too drying on already-dry skin
It can be too harsh on sensitive skin
It can cause irritated skin, especially in those who are pregnant
It may not be effective enough for more severe acne
It may weaken the skin's moisture barrier, making acne worse

Why Isn't Benzoyl Peroxide Working?

It may take four weeks or more to work
It works by killing acne-causing bacteria, but can also kill good bacteria that helps balance your skin's microbiome
It won't help with excess oil production
It won't help with skin cell turnover, and since benzoyl peroxide can be drying, you may notice an increase in dead skin cells
It can be too drying on already-dry skin
It can be too harsh on sensitive skin
It can cause irritated skin, especially in those who are pregnant
It may not be effective enough for more severe acne
It may weaken the skin's moisture barrier, making acne worse

Why Aren't Retinoids Working?

The most effective versions can only be obtained with a prescription
Research suggests they'll only offer an improvement of 26-35% in acne patients—so they're often paired with antibiotics, which have issues of their own
Your skin may break out more for the first two to four weeks as it undergoes "retinization"
They can be too drying on already-dry skin
They can be too harsh on sensitive skin
They can cause irritated skin
They're unsafe to use during pregnancy
They may weaken the skin's moisture barrier, making acne worse

Wait... What Does My Skin Barrier Have to Do With It?

What if we told you all those lotions and potions—with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, yes, but also natural alternatives like tea tree oil and witch hazel water—aren't working because the majority of them aren't treating one of the root causes of acne and sensitivity: a compromised skin barrier?

In short, your skin barrier controls essentially everything about how your skin behaves. When it's damaged—ironically, often from harsh chemicals meant to treat acne—your skin barrier allows bacteria and other irritants to penetrate the skin, becomes inflamed and sensitive and, yes, tends to break out. So you can see how treating those breakouts with more harsh acne treatments only perpetuates the angry skin cycle!

We developed Balancing Oil to flip the script on treating acne and sensitivity. Rather than fighting your skin, this Cosmopolitan award-winning facial oil was made to help heal it. The result: Clear skin. Healthy skin. And a skincare routine that finally works long-term.

So if you struggle with acne, inflammation, or sensitivity, keep reading. This skin-loving product will help you heal and soothe your skin and get your glow back... for good.
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Clover by Clove + Hallow Balancing Oil

How Does Balancing Oil Clear Acne?

Our facial oil is one of the most effective vegan skin care products out there, and we're not the only ones who think so: It has hordes of fans, hundreds of five-star reviews, and a Cosmopolitan Beauty Award! But what makes Balancing Oil so unique from other acne treatments?

It's 100% naturally derived and is free of fragrance and essential oils

With zero animal-derived ingredients, it's one of very few vegan products in the acne treatment aisle

It's packaged in a bottle made of glass, which is an infinitely recyclable material

It has one of the most minimal ingredient lists out there, with just four ingredients: squalane, organic argan oil, organic black cumin seed oil, and organic rosehip oil. That's it—that's the full ingredient list!

Despite being a facial oil, it's incredibly lightweight—ideal for oily skin and acne-prone skin

Black cumin seed oil, an active ingredient that's also very gentle, fights acne-causing bacteria and inflammation while soothing and nourishing the skin barrier. In fact, one study found that using a topical gel made with black seed extract twice daily for 60 days reduced acne severity by 78%!

Rosehip oil, one of Balancing Oil's key ingredients, balances oil production without clogging pores

Argan oil, another one of Balancing Oil's main ingredients, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also helps your skin produce higher-quality sebum that's less likely to clog pores, so you're more likely to have blemish-free skin!

Squalane is anti-inflammatory and helps increase hydration, giving your skin barrier a protective boost

Balancing Oil's ingredients were also chosen to help minimize hyperpigmentation, so the dark spots of breakouts past no longer haunt you

It's the perfect last skincare step—Balancing Oil seals in skincare for maximum impact before drying down quickly for flawless makeup application

Balancing Oil also helps slow down signs of aging, like fine lines, texture, dark spots, and dullness. It's great for mature skin!

Noticing a pattern here? Balancing Oil's ingredients were chosen for their unique anti-inflammatory and fatty acid profiles that are clinically proven to minimize breakouts and redness without dryness or irritation!

It's only $18—no more overpriced acne treatments!

How to Use Balancing Oil for Best Results

1. Cleanse skin with a gentle face wash, like Makeup Melt Milky Oil Cleanser.

2. At night only: If you use retinol, apply it now.

3. Apply any hydrating serums, like H2Glow+ Hydrating Serum.

4. Optional: Apply a traditional cream moisturizer. (Many people use Balancing Oil as their moisturizer, so if that's you, skip to the next step!)

5. Press a thin layer of Balancing Oil—three to five drops—onto the affected area. Can be used morning and/or evening alone or under makeup. With daily use, you'll see an improvement in breakouts, redness, and sensitivity within days, with best results in four to six weeks.

6. In the morning only: Apply sunscreen—at least SPF 30!

Notes on Balancing Oil

Variation in color—light gold to dark amber—is normal due to the natural ingredients
Variation in smell—herbal, peppery, or turpentine-y—is normal due to the natural ingredients
Both are a sign of the purity of our black cumin seed oil, Balancing Oil's hero ingredient!

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Real Results Using Balancing Oil

"Nothing else in the world works to clear and treat my acne, acne scars, and texture."

"This oil made a noticeable difference with my hormonal acne practically overnight."
—Kaleena G.

"My skin hasn’t glowed like this since I was 25. (That’s a full 25 years ago!)"
—Lori B.

"Obsessed! I've been using the Balancing Oil in the morning and night for about a month and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I love how easily it absorbs and leaves me with a really healthy glow. I have paired it with H2Glow+ and love how it enhances my natural skin. I also love the smell and simple ingredient list."
—Selena M.

"Saved my skin. I had a baby a year and a half ago and was breastfeeding. My skin was a mess. Worse than my teens. Very sad. This really helped me. I am so glad I stopped the chemicals my derm put me on and used this. I still have acne but nowhere near as bad. In just a few weeks I’ve noticed a change."
—Jordyn S.
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Clover by Clove + Hallow Balancing Oil